How Does BLCK Nicotine Pouch is Packaged? - An Overview:

Here we will describe on How Does BLCK Nicotine Pouch Packaged -

blck Nicotine Pouch is the new product line of Killa and Pablo. BLCK has come soft in Nicotine strength at 12 mg per gram. BLCK has a exotic flavor range as: Mint, Cola, Spearmint, Blueberry, Watermelon, Melon.


If you want to enjoy Nicotine Pouch with lower strength and with delicious flavoring, long lasting effect, BLCK can be a better choice for you.

Package Description:

Container Dimension: BLCK is packed in a tin container also known as can. The packet dimension about (7*7*2).centimeters.

Pouch Size: Each pouch has a size of 10 millimeters.
Weight of Each Pouch: .8 gram.
Package Contain: 20 Pouches.
Total Weight of The Pouches: 16 grams.

Packet Color: New Packet color white from 2023. Where old is in the Yellow packet.

Information Written in Packet: Brand Name, Flavor Name, Strength marking, Batch Code, Expiration Date.

What About Buying Quantity: 1 Can, 10 Cans, 1 Box = 240 cans.

Why BLCK Nicotine Pouch is Suggested?

Here is a Lists of BLCK Nicotine Pouches:

BLCK Blueberry flavor will conquer your taste buds, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

BLCK Watermelon impresses with its sweetness and light aroma.

BLCK Melon will immerse you in the summer atmosphere and provide wonderful relaxation.

BLCK Cola gives you the opportunity to enjoy the coolest drink at any time.

BLCK Spearmint is a super refreshing series of nicotine pouches.

Using BLCK Cold Mint you will not only experience a buzz, but also make your breath pleasant for a long time.